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Re: 'Paranormal Activity 3' Gets 2011 Release Date!

I'm hoping to see the third one this weekend, but I wanted to comment on.....
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The first movie is the only movie that genuinely scared me. There have been scary moments in the following two but nothing to match the first film. I think they need to stop just having freak out moments and go back to capturing that moody freaky atmosphere.
I agree completely. The thing I loved (and the first several times I saw it, hated) about the first movie was the fact that I felt it was genuinely scary. It was subtle, it was "moody" and it built up quite nicely. It felt like the second one seemed like it tossed all that out in favor of LOUD NOISES!!!! To be honest, I was more scared going into the second movie than I was coming out!

For something else I'm hoping the new movie improves on.... the only thing in the second movie that was more disappointing than the change in "strategy" was how they tried to tie the stories together. It just didn't work for me and trying to glue to pieces together was just painful. I'm hoping the third movie ties into the first two a little bit more smoothly.
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