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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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wait, is buffy season 9 a comic or a book?
it's a comic book. all so @ admiral young I agree angel & faith has been better than buffy the vampire slayer. do you think angel and faith will become friends with benifits?

And I disagree. Even though I have some problems with #1 and though #2 is a bit too straightforward in its dialogue, Buffy season 9 has been a lot more interesting and layered. I can think of several scenes and panels that really make you think and try to analyze what's been said, try to figure out the underlying feelings and motivations. Even with all the narrations by Buffy, there is still some mystery about how Buffy feels about herself and the people in her life; and that's even more so the case with the other characters; we may know that Willow thinks that breaking the Seed was bad, while Spike thinks it was the right thing to do and he's there to help Buffy, but beyond that, we're left to speculate on how Willow, Spike, Xander or Dawn feel and how their future will shape up. The new characters and potential villains have all been ambiguous. How did the new vampire-killer get his powers, and is he really such a great guy, or is there something ominous about him? What's the deal with the demon released from the mystical prison, and does he want to kill Buffy, to thank her, or something else? Are the cops going to be Buffy's enemies or allies? And so on.

Whereas in Angel & Faith, everything is laid out openly in the dialogue: it's very straightforward and plot-driven and leaves very little unexplained. The villains are all one-dimensional, obvious bad guys (with the exception of Whistler; I hope we'll see more of him, he was one of the reasons why #1 was interesting). Angel's characterization is fine, but Faith's is a bit off, and her idealization and justifications of Angel are getting annoying (and she went especially far in this issue, with her "there will be no more apocalypses thanks to you and Buffy" statement, which makes about as much sense as "I signaled her with my eyes"). We're constantly being told (by Faith) that Angel is the best thing since sliced bread, instead of actually seeing it. I liked issue 1 the best, but I feel that the subsequent issues have not been as good.

The one area where Angel & Faith is clearly superior over Buffy is the art. Issacs > Jeanty. One of my LJ friends just said that Isaacs does a great characterization of Faith; Gage, not so much. And I agree with that.

The best things in Angel & Faith so far have been the revelations about the new post-Seed world - the auctions of Mohra blood, the fact that the remaining magical artefacts and people with inherent magical abilities have become very sought-after, the new high status of vampires in the demon world, their mainstream acceptance and sexual allure to the humans... And the revelation about Whistler's role. Like I said, I want to find out more about him and his connection to Twilight, and what was the role of the PTB in it all.

edit: However, I have to say one thing: if the villains are one-dimensional, at least our heroes are morally ambiguous - and both doing stupid things! While Angel is preparing to resurrect Giles, Faith seems to be preparing to use the Mohra blood to make Angel human; in order words, she wants to do something similar to Angel that he did to Buffy in season 8 and that he's preparing to do to Giles now: make a crucial decision about him without asking him about it, and violate his bodily integrity and make him into something different than what he is, assuming that she knows what's best for him and that he'd be happy and grateful once she managed to do it - even though there is a huge possibility and some clear signs that he would actually hate it.

And is she thinks that Angel's biggest problem is that he's a vampire and that all his problems would go away if he just became human... then she really doesn't understand him. He should explain to her, as he did to Buffy in Amends, that the real problem isn't the vampire, it's the man. Twilight got to him using his human flaws, and a human Angel would still feel the same guilt, he would just find it more difficult to fight if he didn't have vampire powers, which he pretty much tells her in this issue as well.
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