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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

It lasts a long time in our memories.

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Regarding Siddig's performance, I wonder whether it's possible he was specifically asked to perform in that manner. This seems like a situation where the director may be partially (or even fully) responsible, if they were satisfied with what they got from him.
I looked up the director of this episode, Paul Lynch, on MA earlier today and there's this quote from Wil Wheaton:
He was an Englishman who was always extraordinarily wound up, red-faced, sweating profusely, and infamous for saying "Energy! Energy! Energy! And, and, and, and, action!" before takes. He did this before every take, regardless of whether the scene actually called for "Energy! Energy! Energy!" or not.
That may explain Siddig's "electric shock" moment.
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