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I tried to reimagine Enterprise, but not really. It was sort of a collision of Star Trek, Enterprise, and BSG. I was pleased with it. Vulcanians, androids, jump drives, it was pretty cool.
Sounds interesting. Can it be read somewhere?
It might be interesting in concept, but like many NaNo novels, I suspect it's awful.

I've not posted it. I might.
I see it as more of a personal challenge. For me, it's to get down on paper a first draft of a story concept I've had for a long time. The entire idea behind NanoWriMo is that so many people get so caught up into whether something is "good" that they put off writing it or plan themselves into never writing it. This gives you an intense deadline with loads of encouragement and community to boot! This is my second year... I came in short last year

This year it's mine!! NOVEMBER IS A GOOD MONTH TO DIE
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