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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Almost everybody is actually behaving like an adult.
And isn't it refreshing to have a show like that? Even Carl is mature for his years. (I haven't seen enough of Sophia to get a read on her, but she's certainly no brat.)

When the characters behave "badly" (Andrea's attitude problem), they're usually justified. She's annoyed at being deprived of a much easier way of committing suicide than she's likely to run into in the foreseeable future, and she's gotta be LIVID that she didn't have a gun with her when the zombie came outta nowhere. I would be all up in Dale's face about that, but Andrea just disappeared into the RV. She's being nicer about it than I would be.

And what the hell was so interesting about the school to keep them there, anyway?
Maybe zombies just mill around the place they died unless something sets them off migrating. There were soldiers and a guy in a FEMA jacket among the zombies.
Andrea actually gave Dale a very pissed off look. And I was thinking, whoa, waitaminute, now you're pissed off because a Zombie attacked you, when you were pissed off about being alive still alst week Make up your mind woman.
I figured she was still pissed that she had not gotten her gun back yet.
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