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Re: 'Paranormal Activity 3' Gets 2011 Release Date!

Speaking of Randy the friends I saw it with were discussing who is doing the filming, at least the house fire seen in that second trailer.

What was your opinion on Randy's relationship with Dennis? Was it just an employer/employee? Dennis used Randy to help film weddings etc OR was it ALSO that they were friends? Cause despite how Randy got the hell out of there if he considered Dennis a friend it could be Randy that is doing the filming. A type of follow-up when he doesn't hear from Dennis then catches wind of the fire on TV. At least if it was Randy you wouldn't have to explain how 'yet another' person is wanting to film things. Randy already has that fixation.

Still that would only cover the house fire, what about the 1992 tapes. Not like Randy is going to stick around for 4 years or that whoever has the girls would allow it. So are we looking at yet again a fourth person that needs a McGuffin for filming household events? Remember the McGuffin in PA2 was the apparent home invasion.
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