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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 9

Day 12, 0800 hours

Kira felt absolutely miserable, despite the military coup on Bajor failing, and the arrest of thousands of Reformation movement members. This did nothing to decrease the burden of grief she felt from the deaths of her children. In a kind act, Ezri had given Kira a week off duty, but the five days that had passed by felt surreal to Kira.

Inside the living room, Kira was going through a photo album. There were hundreds of pictures of her family, but she mainly focused upon the ones which showed Mia and Deru.

Odo entered the room, and he immediately noticed the photo album. “What are you looking at?”

Kira looked up from the album, with very red eyes. “Just some of the holo pictures of our children, I'm just remembering all the good times we had with our children...”

Her voice sounded weak, and trembly, and she gazed at Odo in a sorrowful way. “I'm sorry if I sound weepy, I haven't really slept for five days. I can't sleep, I just end up thinking about how they died. I appreciate Ezri giving me a week off duty, it was really kind of her to do so. I feel sorry for Max, he's lost two friends...”

“They were great children.” Odo paused; he seemed to be holding back from something.

“What is it Odo?”

“I did some checking of DS9’s computer, and I managed to find the reason why Tamar’s ships knew the exact frequency of DS9’s shields.”

Kira dreaded the answer. “It’s because I gave to Tamar DS9’s command codes isn’t it?”

Odo shook his head. “Believe it or not, you’re not to blame. With the back-up access codes fully functional, there was no way that Tamar could use the computer to find the frequency of the shields.”

A great deal of guilt suddenly lifted from Kira’s mind. “So who is to blame?”

“Remember ensign Farak, the man who murdered Major Dolsur? Well last night I checked the console in Ops he once worked on, I had a hunch that Farak was Tamar’s inside man for taking over DS9. Lo and behold I found an information storage device which was still active.”

Odo took out from his pocket a small lumpy looking device which had small tendrils protruding outwards. He passed it to Kira, who examined it, while he explained to Kira about the device. “Farak had covertly hacked the computer system, and then planted this device inside his console. The device had a timer to activate it, and the device activated from the moment the coup started, which was when a communications blackout covered the whole of Bajor. When activated, the device sent sub-space signals, containing DS9’s computer data, to a sub-space receiver located somewhere on Bajor. The Reformation movement would have easily found the frequency of DS9’s shields from all of that data.”

Something didn’t quite make sense to Kira, and she frowned at the device held in her left hand. “If Tamar already had a way to extract tactical information from DS9’s computer, why did he want DS9’s command codes?”

Odo put a finger to the tip of his upper lip, before bringing it down slightly. “Because Tamar’s initial plan would only give him indirect use of DS9’s tactical controls, he could only observe the codes but do nothing to change them. The device wouldn’t be able to transfer command codes, because the command codes are to well protected by DS9's computer firewalls.”

Kira nodded slightly in understanding, and she felt slightly better now, the deaths of those twenty people didn't weigh so heavily on her mind. The door chimed, and Kira glanced at the door, she was weary of visitors these days.

Odo seemed to sense his wife’s apprehension. “I’ll answer that.”

Odo walked over to the door, while Kira placed the device on a stand next to her chair. She was barely listening to the conversation taking place by the doorway. But she then heard Megan’s voice.

“There are two people who want to see you Odo...”

“Come on now...” said another voice, which sounded like Holo.

Something registered in Kira’s brain, and she started wondering why she had heard Megan’s and Holo’s voices.

“Mia, Deru!” exclaimed Odo, in a shocked manner.

Pure hope filled Kira's heart, were her children actually alive? She then saw Deru and Mia bound through the doorway; they both hugged Odo at the same time. “Dad!” said Deru happily.

Kira looked as white as a sheet, she was totally stunned. When Odo stopped hugging his children, Kira walked over to them. “What?” she said disbelievingly. “Oh!” She tightly hugged both Deru and Mia and dissolved into tears. But those were tears of joy, she was so happy that they were alive and safe, inwardly she thanked the Prophets for her good fortune.

Mia removed herself from her mother’s grasp. “Are you okay mum?” Mia looked deeply concerned at her mother.

Kira stopped crying. “We thought you were dead!” she exclaimed, sounding half relieved and half angry. “How in the Prophets did you get here?”

Megan and Holo were watching the family scene, and they were smiling. “Holo and I will leave,” said Megan wisely. “We’ll let you catch up-”

“Oh no, stay!” said Kira, never had she so badly wanted to talk to Megan and Holo. She was desperate to know how her children had survived. “You saved my children's lives! How did-”

“We escape?” asked Holo, who then turned to look at Megan. “Oh it was Megan's idea.”

Megan looked slightly smug. “It was simple really; there we were, five days ago, being attacked by this Bajoran fighter. I knew we couldn't win this fight. So I transported ourselves onto the fighter, while with a quick bit of hacking, I got the fighter's transporters to beam the two Bajoran crew onto the runabout. However, I realised there could be more Bajoran fighters waiting to ambush us. So I destroyed the runabout to made it look like that the Bajoran fighter had completed its mission.” Megan looked suddenly apologetic. “Sorry about the grief I gave you, when I heard that DS9's communications array was destroyed, well...”

Holo looked somberly at the family. “It must have been a terrible couple of days for you.”

“It was,” said Kira. “But I don't blame you for what you did. You did your utmost to keep my children alive. How can I ever thank you?”

“It was nothing,” said Holo amicably. “Now I've got to go back on duty.”

When Holo was gone, Megan was left with the family. She looked slightly awkward, while Odo was smiling at Megan.

Kira walked up to Megan, she was in Megan’s debt. She extended her hand to Megan, who cautiously grasped Kira's hand. “I want to thank you Megan for what you did, for saving the lives of my two children.”

Gratitude shone from Megan’s eyes, she gave Kira a small smile. “They're good children, it makes me wish I had some of my own...” Megan gently broke the hand shake. “Anyway I have to shift to do as well.”

With one last smile, Megan turned around and left the quarters.

Whatever doubts or concerns Kira once had about Megan, they were all gone. Megan had proved herself to be worthy of Kira’s trust and Ezri had been right all along. Kira could now trust Megan. Turning around, Kira looked at her husband and her two children. She thought a celebration was in order now that the family were back together again.


Day 12, 1200 hours

The jubilation of realizing that Mia and Deru were alive faded away over the next few days for Kira. She was walking to the commander's office, inside there Ezri would probably have a few things to say to her due to what happened on Bajor. Arriving inside the office, Kira noticed numerous padds littered all over Ezri’s desk.

Ezri looked at Kira wearily. “Sit down colonel.”

In an unusual sign of weakness Ezri placed a hand to her forehead, she seemed very tired and overworked. “As you may have guessed I've got about twenty major reports to hand to the Federation and it's various institutions because of the recent Bajoran political strife.”

Kira felt sincerely sorry for Ezri. “I'm sorry, if I had known what was going on...”

Ezri though composed herself and held up her right hand. “What's done is done, I don't blame you for what has happened.” The hand lowered, and it rested upon the desk. “Clearly Bajor's government will need closer Federation observation.”

There was a sickening feeling in Kira’s stomach, she had been expecting this. “What do you mean by that?”

A serious look rested upon Ezri’s face. “Bajor's request to leave the Federation has been blocked, and for good reasons to.”

“I admit, it does look bad, but-”

Ezri easily dismissed Kira’s feeble excuse. “The Federation can't-I can't-leave Bajor to it's own devices. Without the Federation's assistance, Bajor would have descended into a full blown civil war. Furthermore, Starfleet is impounding all Bajoran warships until the political situation has been corrected.”

Anger flared up inside Kira, that was one measure to far... “Why?” she demanded.

“This measure is necessary to give Bajor more political stability. There is an old human expression; power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Ezri looked sternly at Kira. “The Bajoran military is to powerful, and to corrupt to be given the responsibility of defending Bajor and upholding their government's requests.”

“And how will Bajor defend itself?” asked Kira, struggling to control her outrage.

For a brief moment, Ezri looked slightly confused due of Kira's strange question. “Bajor is part of the Federation. If you really think the Federation wouldn't protect one of it's own members then you must be stark-raving mad colonel!”

Kira realised she had said something really stupid to Ezri. However, she couldn’t help it, she felt so angry and frustrated by Bajor's current situation. “It's not that... it's just... I don't know...” she finished lamely. “It's just so frustrating that Bajor has taken a step backwards...”

She pulled herself together, it was about time she acted in a professional manner. “Is there anything else captain?”

There was a brief pause, while Ezri was gazing at Kira in some concern after Kira’s outburst. “No colonel, dismissed then...”

Kira raised herself from the chair, and she had barely walked a few paces when Ezri spoke up from behind her. “Oh and Kira; I'm sorry for what has happened. The Federation should have monitored the situation more carefully, it's not your fault that the coup happened.”

Not once did Kira turn to look at Ezri, she felt embarrassed to be in Ezri’s presence. Kira had nothing more to say to Ezri and she left the office and walked over to a turbolift in Ops. Inside the turbolift, Kira lamented over the fact that Bajor had taken a massive step backwards. Now Starfleet would never let Bajor leave the Federation, unless Bajor slipped into complete anarchy and chaos...

Kira had always dreamed of a free Bajor, a Bajor that once took full control of it’s destiny and had full self-determination. The worst part for her was that neither the Cardassians nor the Federation could be blamed for the military coup. This was Bajor’s fault; Bajor had progressed to quickly, and everyone failed to spot the danger of corruption inside the Bajoran military.

When she was in Ezri’s office, Kira could feel the disappointment coming from Ezri. A tiny pang of guilt sprung up inside Kira’s heart. Because of the military coup, Ezri would be under more pressure from Starfleet to monitor Bajor, and her job wasn't going to get any easier. Still Kira's guilt paled in comparison to her disappointment, something which would take a long time to go away.


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