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Re: What next for Mass Effect?

True, but it was particularly the case in ME2. The game actually tells you in the loading screens *not* to use heavy weapons. It was sort of the same thing with the grenades in ME1. After a while you forget they're there and stop using them.

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Another time I enjoyed using the Cain was during Garrus's loyalty mission, when you're chasing down Harkin. Oh, two giant mechs, huh? KABOOM! I mean, it wasn't really necessary, I just found it hilarious.

And on the thresher maw, of course.
I can top that. On my last ME1 playthrough I took on *every* thresher maw in the game on an adept! Of course it was a game-plus starting at Lv54 and an assault rifle specialisation.

I did once try using the Cain on those two heavy mechs and it sort of backfired...literally. Those things get in close *really* fast. I usually bring Tali along for that mission so my usual tactic involves stripping the defences off one of them, using her AI hack to make it turn on and weaken the second one. Then you just have to blow the head off the first to turn it into a nuke and kill the other one.

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