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Re: 'Paranormal Activity 3' Gets 2011 Release Date!

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Yeah, I've just gone back and watched that full trailer near the start of this thread. Ha, pretty much all of it isn't in the film!
I wonder if they were just filmed to lure us in, or are gonna be deleted scenes on the DVD, or on an Extended/directors cut thing.
Thanks for the reminder. I went back and watched that also and it was good.
I can see where cutting out the scene of young Kristi tossing water on Tobey to reveal him would change the movie dynamic. If Julie had had that experience at that point in the movie then the reveal of the kitchen drop latter on might not have been the same. I think the scene with the 'specialist' getting head banged on the kitchen table likely happened not long after that...assuming there is a directors cut and not just scenes shot only for a trailer.

Speaking of new hotties I think Julie the mom(Lauren Bittner) was quite striking. Katie herself though(Katie Featherston) has a few nice pics up on her IMDB page. I don't see the babysitter listed on IMDB at all sadly.
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