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Re: American Horror Story (FX) 1x01 Pilot (Grading/Discussion)

Hah, that was great! This show just gets better and crazier every week.

Zachary Quinto was, of course, excellent. I hope he goes full-on Joan Crawford with the red apples issue next week.

I look forward to meeting Frankenbaby in the near future (next week? please???)

Poor Ben, he was pretty flustered being propositioned by a gay guy and eventually he's going to find out it was a dead gay guy to boot.

I loved Ben's reaction to Undead Zombie Mistress at the front door. SLAM! That should solve things.

So what kind of critter did the nurse see on the ultrasound? My money is on Spongebob Squarepants although I wouldn't rule out Frankenbaby Jr.
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