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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I've seen a woman floating in space, shooting laser-beams from her hands and feet while screaming her head off.
I'm still thankful I skipped that.

As for el Fadil - yeah, I can't get my head around why he's so awful in this episode either. It's true that he has played Bashir fairly well up until now and of course he'll only get better at it as the series progress. But whenever he plays someone who is not Bashir, he tends to falter. He has the same problem, IMO, with Mirror Bashir, though that performance is certainly no where near as bad as this one. I've seen him in other works as well, and he often seems a little off. Maybe he was just able to completely lose himself in the Bashir character and thereby deliver a good performance, but anything outside of that character is more difficult for him.

I have the same opinion about Jolene Blalock. I thought she nailed the role of T'Pol perfectly. However, anything else I've ever seen her in has been dreadful. Maybe Bashir and T'Pol just happened to be tailor made for these two actors.

As for Primmin - while not a great addition, I am pleased that he's essentially an "outsider" character coming into the realm of the main cast and yet isn't corrupt or thoroughly incompetent.
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