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Re: 'Paranormal Activity 3' Gets 2011 Release Date!


Well I just saw it today. Yeah, I've just gone back and watched that full trailer near the start of this thread. Ha, pretty much all of it isn't in the film!
I wonder if they were just filmed to lure us in, or are gonna be deleted scenes on the DVD, or on an Extended/directors cut thing

As for the movie, yeah, loved it. I can't believe no one has mentioned it yet here...

The Oscillating Fan!!!

curse that thing. I could barely watch every time it would pan round

Anyone else feel the ending was a little too close to last year's The Last Exorcism too? What with the twist of the devil worshippers, standing round a bonfire, etc

I'd also give the two girls kudos for some great performances, especially the little one.

Oh and I liked the two guys talking about what the 'upcoming' Back to the Future sequel should be called
"Back to the Present"
"No, Back to the Past"

And one more thing, that babysitter was hotttt. Especially in her 80s getup.

Roll on part 4
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