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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

If pushed on the issue then I'd say that Jadzia was probably my least favourite of the main characters, but I still kind of like her.

The Passenger (*)

In my time as a TV viewer, I have seen many horrific things. I've seen a man poison his wife and son before shooting his brains out. I've seen a body, semi-dissolved in acid, come crashing through a ceiling. I've seen a woman floating in space, shooting laser-beams from her hands and feet while screaming her head off. But none of those things can prepare yourself for the horror of Sidig el Fadil playing Rao Vantika. It's the sort of thing that nightmares are made of. I can't quite get my head around what happened there, he has played Dr Bashir quite well up until now, finding that grey area between being obnoxious and strangely likeable. But that Vantika scene is just plain bad, not just the stilted voice and weird facial expressions, but also his reaction to being shocked by the <tech>.

As a story, it's straight-up TNG, so this gets a point deducted for that. The story itself isn't that bad, and handled differently it could have been a good episode, but as is it's rather humdrum with a terrible finish. There's also the fact that the episode raises interesting issues that don't get developed in a satisfactory way. The ability to download your brain into an SD card is raised, but not really addressed. The episode ends with Kajada vaporising the hard drive containing Vantika's brain, which is arguably murder (or execution without trial). That's not addressed. The Kobliad are dying out without the magical deuridium. That's not really addressed. Quark aides Vantika in his crime. That's not addressed.

The best thing about this episode is the conflict between Odo and Primmin and how Odo feels his authority is threatened. Primmin isn't a particularly interesting character, but he doesn't seem like a bad guy and apologises once he realises he was out of line. He's also a competent officer, preventing Vantika's plot to disable the station when Odo missed it. He may have been a valuable recurring character if he had stayed around for more than two episodes, but he's also not a great loss.
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