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Re: World Of Warcraft?

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Well, unless the expansion does a LOT more than add the Pandaren, their zone, and the Monk class, it's doubtful I'll bother.

This smells sorta like a shark what's been jumped, methinks.

They're adding Pokemon combat, how can you pass that up?

Forgive me if I am remembering wrong, but didn't they announce one year as an "April Fool's" that Panderia was going to be the next expansion? Just goes to show how the game culture has changed. From joke they would never do to serious expansion.

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I've got 10,000 completed quests in my main's statistics, I'm a Loremaster and I've got four 85s, so I know my questing.
Are there players out there who don't have at least 4 level 85's? Join the club.
I wasn't bragging. I know people with ten 85s who avoid quests like the plague and level through dungeons and BGs, who don't pay attention to the lore, or haven't completed a full quest zone since Burning Crusade. I'd say I've probably spent more time actually getting into being a "questing completionist" than most people with multiple 85s, sure.
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