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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

^ It wasn't really that the writers found it difficult to do an ensemble story with the TNG cast. It's that they never tried. The studio believed their big draws for a feature film were Picard and Data, and the rest were treated basically like window dressing. No attempt was made to give any significant roles to the other members of the cast.

FC came the closest because it had a significant B-story working in tandem with the main A-story. And since Picard and Data were both involved in the A-story, it fell to characters like Riker, Troi, and LaForge to carry the B-story. It was still heavily Picard/Data weighted, and Crusher got virtually nothing to do, but it was the best effort at using the ensemble out of the four TNG films.

The Picard/Data show attitude is just mind-boggling as it ignores just about everything that made TNG successful as a TV series, but it does follow the standard Hollywood pattern of thinking "hey, we've got this enormously successful product, so we've got to change it."
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