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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

Dream wrote: View Post
Streaming should have never been free in the first place.

There I said it.

Netflix costumers are so entitled!
You're absolutely right, you know. It's Netflix's fault that consumers got "entitled." Netflix set the expectations, and consumers followed along, as they are wont to do, especially when the expectations are so attractive (free stuff, whee!!!) Marketers love it when consumers follow their lead like a pack of sheep. That's what Netflix's consumers did, but oh no, this time the sheep have fangs.

Netflix violated a very basic rule of marketing, that you don't set a price so low that you can't maintain it. And if you simply got the price wrong and got blindsided later on (even if movie studios being "greedy" about streaming should have been predictable), then you need to prepare for the PR shitstorm that your lack of foresight will unleash and de-fang the sheep before they bite.

It's that last part - lack of preparation for the PR shitstorm - that was Netflix's biggest blunder. Even if they couldn't predict Hollywood greed, they definitely should have predicted the ire of consumers who have been made to feel entitled.

Voice of God wrote: View Post
Maybe Netflix should start streaming porn. That would bump their subscriber numbers a bit.
I know you meant that as a joke, but it turns out the porn industry is headed towards zero-value content even faster than digital media in general, probably because it's so easy for amateurs to compete and undermine the entire business model. So fans of free amateur porn are going to be very happy indeed.
I never said it was hard to find, but let's be honest: most of it is shit, especially on the streaming sites. For any quality at all, you have to turn to torrents, which lose the convenience of streaming.
What you need is a Netflix-style "ranking" site, which filters the porn in the same hive-mind way that Netflix does. That will clear away all the "crap," however you define it.

If that doesn't exist, then someone needs to start it. It could support itself pretty well via nothing more than advertising and maybe some DVD sales, for as long as that business lasts.
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