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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 8

Day 7, 1300 hours

Kira had never felt this angry in a long time. All over Bajor there were reports of fighting in military installations, it seemed the Bajoran government was winning. Because the communication blackout had been lifted, it was clear that the military coup was failing spectacularly. Though this did little to comfort Kira, many lives had been lost in the fighting, and all of this could be blamed upon one man; admiral Tamar.

She was going to confront Tamar, this was why she was heading to the detainment area. One part of her wanted to beat Tamar senseless and to punish him for the deaths of her children. Right now pure rage overwhelmed any feelings of grief Kira had for the loss of Mia and Deru. Striding into the detainment area, she directed all of her anger at the man she saw in front of her.

Tamar was in a detainment cell, and Tamar's eyes locked with Kira's, she could see no remorse or guilt in Tamar's eyes.

“Colonel Kira may I say-”

“How sorry you are?” mused Kira, her voice was light and deadly, as she fought to keep herself from screaming and raging out loud. “Or perhaps you regret the loss of life on both sides? Or maybe you even regret starting this military coup against our government?”

“I thought it was the right thing to do Kira,” said Tamar with absolute conviction.

“Did you?” said Kira, through clenched teeth. “Bajor was progressing quite nicely until you decided otherwise.”

Tamar stood up, and for someone in his situation he appeared very calm. “Bajor wasn't developing fast enough, what made it worse was that Bajor was developing in the wrong direction.”

The anger surged inside Kira, and with every syllable, her voice became louder. “And that gives you the excuse to destroy everything that Bajor has accomplished over the past 25 years? Bajorans have given their all to rebuild Bajor! You've betrayed Bajor Tamar; the blood of thousands of dead Bajorans is on your hands!”

Now Tamar looked angry, and his eyes were bulging with rage. “This would never have happened if we hadn't blindly followed the so-called will of the Prophets!” he shouted. “What I've done is nothing compared to the Cardassian occupation of Bajor!”

Kira dropped the tone of her voice to something very low and vicious. “You dare to question other people's religious convictions? If you were in charge, you would expel or imprison the Bajoran monks and vedeks! You claim that the Reformation movement will enlighten Bajor? The movement is bereft of honour, honesty and wisdom! It fails to see the power of our people's religious convictions, what else inspired us to struggle on in the Cardassian occupation?”

“The monks were cowards!” said Tamar nastily. “They refused to fight!”

Pure hatred seemed to emanate from Kira’s face. “They were some of the bravest Bajorans of all!” she said passionately. “They did their utmost to give food to the needy and desperate, they sheltered resistance fighters, and they never wavered in their beliefs. You are a coward Tamar, you surrendered because your supporters turned against you!”

Facing Kira’s unquenchable rage, Tamar backed down. “I wanted to stop the bloodshed, but I still think we've chosen the wrong path. I think people like you Kira are holding us back, I know you are wrong about the Prophets.”

The anger slowly ebbed away from Kira, for some particular reason she felt sorry for Tamar. She could not believe how arrogant Tamar was. “That's your problem Tamar, you don't consider other people's opinions. The government would have been prepared to listen to your movement's aims, but you chose to stick a dagger into the government's back instead!”

Now Tamar looked like a defeated man, all he had left was his anger and disappointment. “You are a traitor to Bajor Kira!” he said nastily. “You refuse to renounce your backwards ways! Look at what your Prophets have given you for a lifetime of faith; they failed to stop the deaths of your children!”

The rage inside Kira exploded once more, she had to feel this angry to not feel hurt by Tamar’s words. “Leave my children out of this Tamar!” she shouted.

Tamar leered in a nasty manner. “They deserved to die you know. If I had fathered them, and realized their mother was a traitor, I would have killed them.”

Kira was so angry, her chest was heaving, and her fists were clenched. “Enough,” she said in a hollow voice.

Perversely Tamar seemed to take pleasure in Kira’s anger and pain. “Go ahead, lower the force field and kill me with your bare hands. It doesn't matter what you do because I've killed your children; those shapeshifting piece of scum!”

At this point, Kira was ready to explode. She so badly wanted to lower the force field, and pound Tamar to a bloody pulp. However, something held her back from launching herself upon Tamar. She instead turned her back to Tamar, and left the room shaking with anger.

Instantly she regretted confronting Tamar, if anything it just made things worse. Inside the security office, she saw Odo standing by his desk. Kira saw Odo's mouth move, but for some reason, she could not hear her husband, all she could think about was Tamar... Kira barely noticed Odo gently taking one of her hands and guiding her back to their quarters.


Day 7, 1900 hours

When Kira was back in her quarters, she numbly noticed that Odo had removed his hand from her own.

“Computer raise the light level by two marks!” said Odo, as he looked hopelessly at Kira’s back. “Listen Kira I'm-” Odo had no words to say, and instead he watched Kira as she slowly walked into their bedroom.

She was breathing heavily, and now she was beginning to feel the pain of losing Mia and Deru. Odo followed Kira as she sat down on the bed. “It's unfair Odo...” she said in a distant voice.

There was a tense silence between the two, while Odo was standing next to the doorway watching Kira. He seemed too afraid to do anything else.

Kira looked at the framed picture of her children that resided on top of a small table next to her bed. “I talked to Tamar,” she said quietly. “He said my children deserved to die for my faults!”

Odo decided it was safe to come closer to Kira, as had sat down right beside her. “Kira you shouldn't have interrogated him,” he said gently. “Let me handle that, but what did you expect? He's a defeated man and he'll do anything to drag you down as well.”

Anger seemed to be carved onto Kira’s face. “He's worse than the Cardassians,” she said fiercely. “He should have known better... and yet he ordered the killing of my children Odo!”

Miserably Kira looked at the picture of her children again. They were smiling and laughing, such happiness made Kira realize what she had just lost. Now the weight of losing her children descended upon Kira. She couldn’t manage the pain anymore; she made some sort of angry inhuman sound, which sounded more like a scream. At the same time, she lashed out with her right hand, and she smashed the picture. It fell to the floor with a crash, while the glass shattered. Kira suddenly started sobbing, and she collapsed onto the bed utterly distraught.

Odo placed his arms around Kira’s chest and supported her, he held Kira close to his chest. “Come here,” he said gravely. “I know it's unfair; it's hurts me terribly to.” Odo’s voice shook with what could only be grief, Odo couldn’t cry, but he looked just at hurt as Kira. “But they were good children; Deru was so full of life and so energetic.”

Upon hearing Odo’s words, Kira sobbed even harder, while Odo continued to talk. “And of course Mia; she was such a beautiful daughter.”

Kira started sniffling. “Don't, don't Odo,” she mumbled, turning around, she then rested her chest against Odo’s body. Her voice then became slightly more audible. “Please, don't remind me of what we have lost. You know if it weren't for you, I would have picked up a disruptor or a knife and killed that traitor Tamar. I would have ripped him apart piece by piece for his crimes. I would have done the same for every single one of those traitors who followed him.”

Odo looked at Kira nervously. “You mean you would avenge our children's deaths, just to satisfy your personal need for revenge?”

“Before I met you I would have done so and to hell with the consequences; but I can't Odo.” Her voice trembled considerably, but she was too grief-stricken to control her voice. She looked up to Odo, with her mouth was slightly open, while she felt the tear streaks etched on her cheeks. “Because I've done so so many times before, and it's only deepened my anguish and destroyed me, piece by piece, and again and again. It was my way of avoiding the pain.”

She started crying again as the grief overwhelmed her, however, Odo held onto her even more tightly. “We'll get through this,” said Odo firmly. “Life goes on, and who knows? Maybe we'll adopt or have some more children.

At that moment, Kira could not think about anything in the future; she could only feel the pain of the present. “I don't think I could manage it Odo, right now I can't think about anything.”

As she started sobbing again, Odo hugged her more firmly. “We'll take it day by day. We still have each other, and I will never leave you because I love you.”

Upon hearing that Kira wept onto Odo’s chest, and she placed her arms firmly around Odo's back, holding on as if her life depended upon it. More than anything she was glad Odo was here, through the grief Kira felt the bond between herself and Odo grow stronger.


Day 8, 0900 hours

In a surprise visit to the station, First Minister Shakaar had arrived. Ezri waited inside her office for Shakaar to arrive and she took Shakaar's visit as a good sign. She had spent most of her time reading report after report on the situation of Bajor. Over the last day the violence in major Bajoran cities had decreased considerably, and forces loyal to the government were close to defeating the military units belonging to the Reformation movement.

The door to the office opened, and Shakaar walked through the doorway. Ezri rose from her desk, walked around and greeted Shakaar. “First Minister...” she said, as she shook Shakaar's hand. “Is everything under control in Bajor?”

Shakaar appeared weary and tired, while there were great puffy bags below his eyes. “It is now, all the military units in the Reformation movement have either surrendered or been destroyed. At least a dozen Bajoran cities, including the capital, incurred street battles between the Bajoran military and the insurgency. Thousands of civilians were killed, and many more were injured, but it could have been so much worse.”

“What do you mean?” asked Ezri.

“The Reformation Movement has bribed many colonels, in exchange for the colonels mobilizing the Bajoran Militia and the Bajoran fleet to capture key government buildings and installations for the rapid control of Bajor. It seemed when Tamar started the coup, and when he needed the colonels to join him, many of the them decided to side with the government at the last minute.”

This was good news, unfortunately, Ezri had to give Shakaar some bad news. “Starfleet is sending over fifty star ships to Bajor to provide security. Unfortunately Starfleet will be impounding the entire Bajoran fleet, and after the coup you can see why. Only ten Bajoran ships joined Tamar's side. Had all sixty ships sided with Tamar, then the Reformation Movement would have captured Bajor and DS9!”

Shakaar seemed to take the news of the impounding of the Bajoran fleet with good grace. “What would the Federation have done if that had happened?”

“The Federation would have immediately removed Bajor's Federation membership and stationed ships at DS9 to guard the wormhole.”

There was a moment of silence, while Shakaar looked guiltily at Ezri. “My I say captain that I am truly sorry for what has happened here, I should have played closer attention to the Bajoran military. For quite some time, I was pleased with the expansion of the military...”

“If you don't mind me asking, what made you change your mind?”

“It happened two years ago, when I heard of a dispute between the Vedek Assembly and the Bajoran military. I did some checking and slowly what I found out became steadily worse.” Shakaar stopped talking, and Ezri sensed that he was holding back from something.

“Captain,” said Shakaar, after a while. “Would it be alright if I could visit Kira, and give her my condolences for the loss of her children?”

Had any other person asked Ezri that question, she would have denied their request. Ezri wanted to give Kira some privacy, so that Kira could come to terms with the loss of her children. However, Ezri knew that Kira and Shakaar were close friends. “Of course you can. Kira speaks very highly of you by the way.”

“Thank you captain,” said Shakaar, with a slight bow of his head.


As he approached Kira’s quarters, Shakaar dreaded what he was going to say to Kira. However, he felt responsible for Kira’s loss because he had ordered Kira to investigate the Bajoran military. This naturally made her a target for the Reformation movement. Shakaar arrived at the entrance to Kira’s quarters, and he pressed the door chime.

“Is that you Odo?” came Kira’s voice.

“It's me Shakaar!”

There was a moment's silence. “Come in!” said Kira.

Shakaar moved into the room and looked around, there he saw Kira standing next to a sofa. She looked absolutely terrible, her eyes were red and puffy. Shakaar walked towards Kira, she absolutely deserved an apology. Dropping to his knees, Shakaar gently grasped both of Kira’s hands, and he looked up into her face. “I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!” he moaned “Please forgive me!”

Kira gave Shakaar a confused expression. “Sorry for what?”

“I shouldn't have ordered you to investigate the Bajoran military! That was why the Reformation Movement killed your children, because you sided against them!”

“I don't blame you,” said Kira in a steely voice. “Without my investigation, the Reformation Movement would have gone undetected, and they would have succeeded in their coup!” Kira was trying to sound tough, but Shakaar could see though that. “Protecting Bajor is more important than the lives of my children! I can't let sentiment get in the way of my duty to Bajor!”

Shakaar rose from his knees and he let go of Kira's hands. He was glad that Kira didn’t blame him, but he wished he hadn’t visited Kira. She never wanted to look weak in front of other people, and this occasion was no different. Shakaar realised he had intruded into Kira’s privacy. “I shouldn't have come by to see you, you were grieving in private. I shouldn't have disturbed you!”

As he turned to leave, Kira spoke up. “Wait! Don't go, please!” she pleaded, looking hurt. “If I gave you the impression that I wanted you to leave, I'm sorry for doing so. It's no way to treat a friend.”

“Don't blame yourself, your hurt and your bound to say a few nasty things. Are we still friends, despite everything that has happened?”

“Of course we are!”

Kira paused for a moment, before changing the topic. “What has happened to admiral Tamar?”

“He's been stripped of his rank, and he is in custody, in a maximum security prison on Bajor. In six months time, he will be facing a trial.”

“Six months?” exclaimed Kira, who looked absolutely furious.

“In order for a proper trial to take place, a lot of evidence must be gathered up and organized. Plus there are various legal procedures that must take place before the trial. I'm afraid the trial could take up to a year; but I assure you that Tamar will be brought to justice.”

“What about the Reformation Movement? Has it been disbanded?”

“The Reformation Movement is no more. Thousands of its members have been arrested, while there could be other members, I'm certain they will be keeping a very low profile.”

“So Bajor is safe, and the violence has ended in the cities?”

“The violence is gone, and yes Bajor is now safe.”

Kira looked mightily relieved, she then grabbed Shakaar’s hand and pulled him close. Her face was less than a foot away from Shakaar, and Kira gazed at him with an intense expression. “Listen to me, I don't want you worrying about me; I'll be fine. All I ask of you is to govern Bajor to the best of your ability.”

Shakaar was taken aback by the firmness and determination in Kira’s voice. “I promise to you that Bajor will recover from this setback, it will come out of this stronger.”

Relinquishing the grip on Shakaar's hand, Kira looked satisfied by his answer. “I expected nothing less of you.”

Some of the calmness in Kira’s face vanished, and Shakaar realised that Kira was struggling to keep her grief contained. He knew that it was time to give Kira her privacy. “When things on Bajor have settled down, I'll contact you, I promise.”

“I know,” said Kira, she gave Shakaar a small, sad smile.

Shakaar returned Kira’s smile. “I’m truly sorry for your loss, tonight your children will be at the centre of my prayers to the Prophets.”

“Thank you,” said Kira, while she blinked back tears.

With that Shakaar then left the room, he was relieved that his friendship with Kira hadn’t been damaged. Of all the people he had known, Kira was incredibly tough and resilient. He knew that Kira would find the strength to continue on with her life, her sheer determination was to Shakaar one of her most endearing qualities. It was one of the reasons why Shakaar liked Kira so much as a friend...
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