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Lost and the Damned is fun, but I prefer the weapons in Ballad of Gay Tony, there are some fun weapons in that game.
The explosive shotgun. That weapon, combined with the awesome car damage system, made for some fun evenings.

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Another mission in Vice City where you have to race Hillary, he has a Saber GT and you have a Sentinel, I parked an undercover Cheetah down near that bridge close to the police station, would ditch the Sentinel and take the Cheetah - hit the lights so traffic would pull over for me and win the race that way.
That mission. It must have taken me 30 attempts to beat that guy the first time I played. I tried swapping cars, I tried shooting out his tires, but in the end I beat him by learning to drive better. Then, he died early in the next mission making the entire attempt to recruit him pointless.

I really hope they keep GTA4's car handling in the new game. It was trickier to master, but once you did it made racing through the city much more fun than the arcadey physics of the previous games.
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