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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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Some irony right there because if you read the article they explain how they had to raise prices because the streaming rights got more expensive. And yet everyone still assumes they were just being greedy and going for a money grab.

Double irony because all the customers got the streaming for free in the first place and really had no reason to bitch about being asked to finally pay for something they got free. Who were the greedier pigs? The company or the customers?
All I ever had in the first place was the streaming plan, so nothing ever changed for me.

Where Netflix messed up was in bundling the streaming into the DVD plan for, what, an extra buck? They were obviously losing money on that, and they should've taken a page from every other dotcom that tried the "lure them in with something free/cheap, then jack up the price" strategy. It usually ends badly, with a big customer backlash and exodus.

While I think a discount on a bundled plan makes sense, it should be maybe $1-2, not the relatively huge discount DVD customers got with the streaming.
I think they thought that they had me, the DVD customer hooked on streaming. In that they erred. And from what I can tell they have no advantage over other services for the streaming customer.

So until the local box in the grocery store matches Netflix in library or until I upgrade my computer/entertainment system again they still have me. They just have to pay the USPS for the privilege.
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