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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

I prefer slow zombies, since they rely more on horror than terror, if you know what I mean. They're relentless, and you have time to think about it rather than just jump and panic. But I didn't think the zombies at the school moved too fast, not like the super-speed zombies in the Dawn Of The Dead remake. How fast they move probably just depends on the state of damage or decay; a new or undamaged zombie can probably move nearly as fast as a living human.

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An alternative could be that they're instinctively or mnemonically drawn to food traps; ie. places where healthy people are likely to travel for medical supplies, food, water, transportation, fortifications, etc. That could explain the large zombie presence just off a main thoroughfare in Atlanta, roaming the freeway, surrounding the CDC and the FEMA aid center, and wandering way up to the reservoir and source of fish/game in the hills that was the group's former camp.
That would work, too. It may all depend on which memory echoes are strongest. If somebody's strongest memory is to save their kid, they'll go to the school; if somebody's strongest memory is where people congregate-- now associated with feeding-- they'll migrate to the city. If somebody's strongest memory is of feeling safe in church, they'll go sit in a pew.
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