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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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Neat. Is that yellow part the one that self-illuminates or is it just the glass and the panel above it is what lights up?
Both, lol. I simply cloned the panel above, dropped it 20 inches and rotated it on x so that the effect could be seen head on as well as insitu. Figured for demonstration purposes it's easier to tell if I'm pulling off what I intend if one can see both angles.

It isn't exactly what I wanted; but, having spent nearly a week pouring over images on the web for reference, this is the closest I could come to what was originally used. Some of the panels wound up later being more of a diamond cut; but, this is the version I preferred - less machined - more organic. The Glass surface here is actually derived from an
image of a volume of water - which I might add was the intention of the design of the glass plates originally used.
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