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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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Even with QOS's running time of about 1 hour and 47 minutes it didn't feel short.

Everything had a purpose. There was no unnecessary scene.
True, and after CR I liked that it was pacier. Still would have liked to see what the film might have been if they'd been able to work the script over a couple more times.

The end of QoS is at least as action packed as CR's, and there'd been more action in the 15 minutes that preceeded it than in the hour that preceeded the Venice bits of CR (not that action is everything!)
Casino Royale

I found the ending battle in the venice house much more compelling.

Quantum of Solace

Bond storming a hotel in the middle of the desert fell flat for me.
But it was an exploding hotel!!

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If they replace the action scenes with actual spying, I'd be OK with it. Some of the old Bond movies had a bit of a slower pace. I think From Russia with Love should be the ideal balance. But that still has a couple of cool action scenes (the Gypsy fight and the Train scene). I'm sure those won't go out the window.

That is, assuming there's any truth to these statements at all.
Agreed. I could accept them scaling back the action scenes in reasonable measure. Sometimes I think they can carried away and go too far. On second viewing Quantum Of Solace wasn't bad, but some of the action went too far.
Well, I think the problem with the movie was lack of many scenes besides the action scenes (there were a couple of cool ones in South America, but that's about it).

Recently watched Dr. No and there's a lot of good stuff in it although some of the action now seems rather dated. But From Russia With Love and Casino Royale each have a nice balance and I wouldn't mind seeing more of that.
I thought Casino Royale had a good balance. One of my favorite parts was where Bond was essentially stalking his target (I can't think of a better word, the part with airline flights and a trip to Florida, iirc). It was slick and fast-paced, but it involved some decently clever thinking, which worked. The theater scene in QoS was similar, but much flashier.
Yeah it is good, although 007 is so obvious at times he might as well have been wearing a raincoat and peering over a copy of the Times! The only thing that lets the scene down is the whole Elipse nonsense which is all a bit too convinient (much like Bond going to the country club and handily finding CCTV footage of Dimitios sending a text). I like the Austrian bits of QoS, Bond doing what he does best, provoking and confronting
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