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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Zombies can be a huge threat because you can't always be on your guard against them; their numbers can overwhelm you; and they induce such terror that their victims might not be able to respond effectively (I thought Andrea might have had a gun when the zombie attacked, and just been so panicked she didn't think to use it.)

Those factors make zombies enough of a threat. I don't think we need to add speed to that list.
I dunno. A single guy with a decent hunting rifle, good vantage point, and a couple dozen boxes of ammo could easily take out hundreds upon hundreds of them. The fact that zombies are dumb and slow would make manipulating their movements and setting traps fairly simple too.

This video makes an interesting comment about slow zombies being a deeper commentary on human failing (e.g. they only get you when your group is dysfunctional enough to let them) but personally I think that reasoning leans far too heavily on allegory for scares. One of the biggest problems with horror already is that it relies on people doing stupid things to advance the plot.
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