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I want a difficulty setting. The games are too hard for me I loved the setting and background of GTA4 but I couldn't get past the damn missions!
Personally I think they've been getting easier ever since GTA 3, which I think is the hardest of the series. Going back to GTA 3 is hard because of all the advancements they made in Vice City, and San Andreas that made missions easier. One thing that irritated me about GTA 4 was the missions were more linear, in GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas you could get inventive and finish a mission - couldn't really do that a whole lot in GTA 4. I don't think I ever played a mission the same way twice in Vice City or San Andreas.
Yeah, that was an awesome thing about GTA3. I remember the final mission, I can't remember who, but you had to chase someone into this area and kill dozens of people armed with machine guns while the bad guy escaped in a helicopter. I must have died fifty times. Suddenly, I decided I'd go to an Ammu-Nation, bought a missile launcher and waited outside of the compound and just blew up the helicopter as it took off. Easiest ending to a game ever
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