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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Poor Piney! And poor Opie! First he loses Donna, then Lyla runs out on him, and now he loses his father. How much loss can Opie take before he has a major breakdown?

I knew Clay was going to kill Piney sooner or later. But killing Piney makes him a bigger bastard than before in my eyes because I loved the Piney character. He was a tough, old son of a bitch who just wanted the club to become something better than what it is today. I hope Piney's parting words to Jax has an effect on Jay and makes him try to go back to the direction of changing the club that he abandoned.

I'm happy Jax was understanding of Tara's decision to leave Charming with the kids instead of it turning into a dramatic fight between them. I'm glad Jax is seeing that this deal with the Cartel is too hot for the club to handle and hope he will take some action aganist it.

Hopefully, the vote of leadership change will resume next episode and Chibs can help with Juice's emotional downward spiral.

Season 4 is becoming my favorite season.
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