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Re: How big were TWOK's "cargo bays" Khan spoke of?

Timo wrote: View Post
Oh, and forgot about this...

Was the Khan encampment built on site or floated down from the original Enterprise via anti-grav?
Let's look at this one again (thanks, Dukhat, it's a gem!):

We appear to be looking at three double-ender containers here, with the workbee "train" backbone still attached. If the containers were brought down via cargo transporter, the backbone probably wouldn't be there. So apparently we are to assume that a workbee with the cargo train can land on a Class M planet to deliver its load.

It need not have been a particularly soft landing - the aftmost container appears to have broken off and sits at an angle. Still, the ability to get down is a surprising one, as both the bees and the cargo clusters have the appearance of strict zero-gee hardware. Even the flimsy-looking shuttlecraft have more elements we can interpret as powerful lifting engines or other gravity-defying devices. And the workbee itself would apparently have been capable of lifting off again, as it's missing here (and if it did have that capacity, Kirk would surely have insisted on taking it away from Khan!).

...Perhaps the cargo train backbone was just a convenient place for fixing a big parachute? Those are still used in STXI, despite the existence of antigrav tech, so they might be a valid way of deploying Khan's huts, too. The less high tech he gets, the better.

Timo Saloniemi
Thanks Timo. As you well know, I'm pretty good at finding pics of obscure ships

However, I'm still trying to find a bigger pic, and so far no luck. I distinctly remember a photograph in Starlog showing the containers; although I originally thought it was the backdrop of a cast/crew photo, but the only pic like that has the Genesis cave in the background. Maybe someone has this trading card they could scan?
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