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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 7

Day 7, 0800 hours

Kira and Odo had been up all night as they found further evidence of graft committed by the 250 officers they were investigating. In a matter of hours, there would be arrests all over Bajor, and many members of the Reformation movement would be captured.

When they arrived back in their quarters, all Kira felt like doing was crashing out on her bed as she was absolutely exhausted. Aside from being exhausted, she was also very angry, most of the anger was directed at Tamar and the Reformation movement. The Reformation movement had infiltrated most of the Bajoran military, and after the counter insurgency operation there would be some serious consequences for Bajor.

The Federation would impound the entire fleet of Bajoran warships, next it would conduct numerous investigations into the Bajoran military. More than likely the Federation would order the dismantling of the Bajoran fleet, and the removal of the Bajoran militia. The Federation had been very generous in allowing Bajor to develop its own ships and orbital defences. Kira felt incredibly disappointed, Bajor was so close to achieving full independence from the Federation. Now that was impossible.

She stood stock still in the centre of the living room. Her fists were clenched, and Odo seemed to be giving her a wide berth. “I can't believe this is happening,” she said angrily. “Bajor came so close to full independence, and then 250 or so Bajorans decide to destroy everything that Bajor had accomplished.”

Odo cautiously approached Kira. “Your taking it to personally Kira; this situation is going to be contained-”

Kira turned around to face Odo, and she glared at him. “Spare me your optimism, it is grotesquely misplaced!” she said bitterly. “I've worked for 25 years on this station doing my part to rebuild Bajor! I had pride Odo, pride in what Bajor had accomplished and now it is all ashes! It's a humiliation to every-”

She stopped talking when she heard the door chime.

“I'll get it,” said Odo, and he walked to the door, while Kira collapsed onto a chair.

She heard Odo talking from behind the chair. “Ezri? What's the matter?”

“Odo is Kira with you?” asked Ezri.

Something about the gentleness of Ezri’s voice made Kira worried. She rose from the chair and walked over to Odo. “What's happened?” she asked.

Ezri looked sadly at Kira. “The runabout carrying your children was ambushed and destroyed by a Bajoran fighter.”

All Kira could feel was numb disbelief. “No,” she said hollowly.

There was silence in the room. Kira wanted to ask about whether her children were dead, but she didn't have the strength to ask Ezri. Wisely Ezri decided to explain to Kira what had happened. “There was a distress call, and Nog ran a long range sensor sweep, and he detected the debris of a Federation runabout. I'm sorry Kira and Odo, but your children are dead.”

At first Kira could not feel the emotional impact of losing her children. She simply stood there gazing into space, while Odo looked horrified. Strangely all Kira felt was clarity, she had just understood something... “Ezri what's happening on Bajor?”

Ezri looked confused. “What do you mean?”

“That Bajoran fighter must have been piloted by a member of the Reformation Movement, but the movement has made a mistake!” Kira was desperate for Ezri to understand her hunch. “Ezri we've got to warn the Bajoran government immediately, the military coup has already started!”

“Kira you're upset but-”

Right now Kira was not upset, she was worried for Bajor. “It doesn't matter about my children, what matters right now is Bajor! I swear by the Prophets that the coup has already started!”

Ezri seemed surprise by Kira’s assertion, but she then gestured to Kira to follow her out of the room. “Well let's see if your hunch is true then colonel.”

Together the three headed to Ops.


Day 7, 0900 hours

The mood in Ops was going from bad to worse. For the past ten minutes, Max had been unsuccessfully trying to send messages to Bajor. It was apparent that Kira’s concern for Bajor was warranted. The news of the destruction of the Turnstile, and the death of Megan, Holo and Kira’s two children subdued the atmosphere in Ops. Everyone seemed tense and nervous about the situation, everyone that was except for Ezri. She had a knack for keeping a cool head, and she kept checking on Max’s progress with the messages.

“You still haven't been able to send a message to Bajor?” asked Ezri, with an edge to her voice.

“No captain,” said Max disappointedly. “It's seems a planetary wide communications dampening field has been established.”

“So the Bajoran government has no idea of what's going on?” replied Ezri somewhat ominously.

Max seemed more concerned with a sending a message to Bajor, than his captain’s darkening mood. “I've tried different frequencies to penetrate through the field, but nothing has worked.” Something else seemed to be bothering Max. “Captain, are you sure there were no survivors from the runabout Turnstile?”

Ezri’s tone of voice became gentler. “Now is not the time to dwell upon the Turnstile Mr Weatherby. Right now Bajor must be undergoing what can only be described as anarchy and chaos. Keep trying to hail the Bajoran government, I'll be in my office.”

Kira looked inquisitively at Ezri. “How many ships do you think the Federation will provide?”

Ezri turned around to face Kira. “Admiral Ross told me that he would provide fifty Starfleet ships to Bajor.”

“Captain!” exclaimed Max. “Five Bajoran warships are heading to this station, they're coming from 2-5-6 mark 1-2-4!”

Ezri was on the staircase leading to her office, when she then turned around and looked very serious. “Raise shields, arm photon torpedoes, and phaser banks!” she ordered. “Colonel I'll need you to defend DS9.”

“Understood,” said Kira nodding.

While Kira began to order people around, Ezri was already on the turbolift. “Mr Weatherby, Mr Nog, you're with me on the Defiant.”

Max and Nog entered the turbolift.

“Defiant,” said Ezri.

By the time the turbolift was gone, Ops was buzzing with activity as crew members were busy preparing DS9’s defences.


Day 7, 0910 hours

Onboard the Defiant’s bridge, Ezri watched from the view screen as the five renegade Bajoran ships surrounded DS9. Ezri wondered if the ships would attack DS9, because right now they were ignoring the Defiant. Deliberately she had ordered the Defiant to maintain some distance from DS9, if the Bajoran ships attacked then the Defiant would come swooping in and give those Bajoran ships absolute hell. Suddenly the Bajoran ships fired a volley of photon torpedoes at DS9.

The comm line to DS9 activated and Kira’s voice came through the hidden speakers on the bridge. “Captain the Bajoran ships have fired upon DS9! There was no warning whatsoever!

“I know,” said Ezri. She was very rapidly determining all the courses of action, each choice was unpleasant...

Are we going to defend ourselves and return fire?” came Kira’s impatient voice.

Ezri rested the tips of her fingers upon her chin. If she fired at the renegade Bajoran ships, this would mean that the Federation would get involved in what was turning out to be a Bajoran civil war. If she did nothing, many civilians and officers on board DS9 would be killed. She had to protect DS9; that was her first priority.

She could worry about the repercussions of her decision later. “Then so be it,” she said more to herself, before becoming more forthright and decisive. “Colonel use whatever means necessary to defend DS9. The Bajoran insurgents will not lay their hands upon this station! Ezri out! Mr Weatherby cloak us and tail the lead attacking ship!”

“Aye sir,” replied Max.

“Photon torpedoes at the ready captain!” reported Nog.

Right now Ezri wanted to carry out a sudden surprise attack on the enemy. “Wait for my command chief, lower the cloak on my mark.”

“We're five hundred metres away from the lead Bajoran ship captain,” reported Max, while he was carefully tailing the Bajoran ship.

Ezri leaned slightly out of her chair, her hand was raised to issue the command. “Wait, wait for it... Now!”

The Defiant decloaked and the illumination increased on the bridge. Ezri gazed at the view screen and she watched the six quantum torpedoes striking the Bajoran ship. There were massive explosions coming from where the torpedoes had struck, bits of debris were blasted from the ship. The Defiant swept past the Bajoran ship, and when the fireballs had disappeared the Bajoran ship floated limply in space.

Nog checked the sensor readings on the console screen. “Heavy damage to the Bajoran ship's engines and shields. Captain, they can't take another hit!”

Suddenly on the view screen, an enemy photon torpedo struck DS9, and a massive explosion emanated from the centre of the station. A huge fire ball enveloped most of the central core. Briefly the station's lights went out, but they activated again as the back-up generators kicked in. After the fire ball disappeared, a huge vertical gash could be seen on the central core. The gash started from above the fusion generators and finished just short of Ops.

There was a brief moment of silence in the bridge as everyone stared at the horrific sight. The silence lasted for only a few seconds, shortly after, everyone returned to their duties. Nog looked aghast. “Captain DS9 has just sustained a direct hit to the central core!”

A powerful fury consumed Ezri, she was going to stop those renegade Bajoran ships, one way or another... “Mr Weatherby head to the nearest Bajoran ship, chief fire at will!”

The Defiant made another direct assault on a second Bajoran ship, with torpedo launchers blazing...


Day 7, 0940 hours

In Ops, Kira was barely keeping the enemy ships at bay. While she directed everyone, Odo was monitoring DS9’s shields and controlling DS9’s defences. Kira was thankful for Odo’s presence, for he was more than just the chief of security. Over the years Odo had accumulated a lot of tactical experience and had studied DS9’s systems very carefully. There was no point in being chief of security if you did not know how to use DS9’s defence systems.

“Report Odo!” said Kira loudly, over the shaking of the station.

“Shields holding at ten percent,” said Odo as he looked at the readings on is console. “They've found the exact frequency of the shields!”

This was a serious problem for Kira, without shields the enemy ships would be taking chunks out of the station. “Have you tried modulating them?”

“I've tried that, but it's no use,” explained Odo.

The station shook again, but this time ten times more fiercely. Momentarily the lights failed in Ops, before activating again. Suddenly there was a loud cracking noise, the Ops communication screen had been blown out, and all of Ops was exposed to outer space.

The air rushed out of Ops and debris were flying around everywhere. Those crewmen nearest to the blown out communications screen were sucked out into space. It was a ghastly sight seeing the stricken crewmen’s fluids and brains burst out of every orifice, while simultaneously their bodies became frozen solid.

Back inside Ops, Kira was clinging on to a rail for dear life, Odo had extended his limbs to hold on to his console. Kira felt her grip on the rail slowly diminish. “Shields Odo!” she shouted. “Seal that tear!”

Odo finally managed to punch in the right commands onto his console. “The shields are up!”

At once the howling wind stopped, the debris came clattering to the floor with many bangs and crashes. Slowly people stood up and returned to their stations, everyone looked windswept and shaken. They were all trying to ignore the gaping hole in the communication screen.

Kira's whole body was covered in a cold sweat, she was so full of adrenaline after such a close brush with death. She wiped her sweaty hair off her forehead. “Damage report!” she demanded.

Odo looked at the readouts coming from his console. “The communications array has been completely destroyed! There is massive damage to the station core, I'm activating emergency shields through sections thirty to one! All of the power relays have overloaded, and the fusion core has automatically shut down! We're running on backup power colonel!”

Kira swore rapidly under her breath. “Damn them! What about the torpedoes and phasers, can they still be armed?” If the weapon systems were compromised, then DS9 would be at the mercy of the renegade Bajoran ships.

“I can't activate the relevant systems,” reported Odo, he frowned at something on the console’s screen. “Wait there's a communication from the lead Bajoran ship! I'm patching it through the secondary sub-space communications relay.”

Instinctively Kira turned to face the communications screen. “Put it on the view screen!” She then realised her mistake. “Audio then!” she said angrily.

This is admiral Tamar, to whom am I speaking to?” There was some mechanical interference in Tamar’s voice.

Rage flared up inside Kira, so Tamar had directly attacked DS9. “This is colonel Kira what do you want?” she said heatedly.

To cease hostilities, the Defiant has overpowered my ships, and I don't want to risk any more lives. I offer to you my surrender.

Kira could not believe what she had just heard. “If this is true, then you wouldn't object to being transported on board DS9, detained, and placed inside a detention cell?”

There was a slight pause. “I agree to your terms, all of this is my mistake and I-

“Cut the transmission Odo,” snarled Kira. She then tapped her comm badge. “This is Kira to the infirmary come in.”

Bashir here colonel,” Bashir sounded extremely busy and stressed. “Listen colonel I'm very busy at the moment-

“How many dead and wounded doctor?” Kira dreaded the answer, for it was her fault for all the casualties.

Bashir sounded irritable. “From what I've seen over a hundred injured and at least 20 dead.

“Thank you doctor, Kira out.”

Kira sat down on a step and held her hands over her head. Odo walked over to her, though she doubted anything that Odo would say could ease her guilt. “This was my fault!” she said miserably. “If I hadn't given the Reformation movement DS9's command codes...”

Odo sat down next to Kira. “No one would have realised what the Reformation Movement was doing if they hadn't released you, and then it would be to late. We've captured one of the leaders of the movement and neutralized five of their ships! This is a huge blow for the movement! Besides you did not give them the backup command codes!”

This did nothing to comfort Kira. “But it helped Tamar to penetrate DS9's computer defences,” she replied in anguished tones, “that was why the Bajoran ships knew the frequency of this station's shields! Otherwise we could have easily repelled that attack!”

Kira then got to her feet, she realised Tamar would be in a detainment cell next to Odo’s office. There was still some unfinished business left for Kira. “Anyway I've must deal with Tamar-”

Odo interrupted Kira. “I'll question Tamar as well, you don't have to do this alone you know.”

“Yes I do.” she said coldly, and she told Odo this in no uncertain terms.

She walked into the turbolift. “Promenade.”

The turbolift descended downwards, and the view of Ops vanished. Kira was tempted to kill Tamar with her own bare hands; Tamar had betrayed Bajor, attacked DS9, and had killed her children. It would be so easy for Kira to succumb to her feelings of vengeance and retribution.

Inside that detainment cell she could punch Tamar so hard, his face would become unrecognisable. Suddenly Kira was inwardly shocked with herself, such violent thoughts didn't become of her. She was angry, but she had the wisdom to recognize that seeking revenge would only make things worse. Above all else she could not descend to Tamar's level.

In the back of her mind, she could feel the pain of losing Mia and Deru, she ignored the pain. Now was not the time to grieve, she had to keep strong...
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