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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Rick gave Lori a gun before the main group headed back to the RV, and Lori did give that gun to Andrea but Andrea gave it back after Lori talked a little about Rick selflessly running after Sophia (Lori was getting annoyed by the looks she was getting from Carol at that point).
Betcha Andrea won't be giving up any guns anymore.
I did like the old man's belief, that this is a plague to rebalance things on Earth.
That made me think that they'll pursue the idea that some people are naturally immune, since that's how species survive plagues.

Ryan wrote: View Post
sojourner wrote: View Post
Worst part of the episode: running zombies.
Why? I think they're great at adding tension. Slow zombies just don't seem like much of a threat to me when you can just power walk away.
Zombies can be a huge threat because you can't always be on your guard against them; their numbers can overwhelm you; and they induce such terror that their victims might not be able to respond effectively (I thought Andrea might have had a gun when the zombie attacked, and just been so panicked she didn't think to use it.)

Those factors make zombies enough of a threat. I don't think we need to add speed to that list.
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