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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

I mean, look at "Firefly"--a literal "space-western." The concept kinda reeks
Sounds good to me! Because it doesn't sound like everything else I've ever seen. Even now that I've seen one iteration of that idea, I wouldn't be at all adverse to seeing another.

An "unimaginative idea" can often be great, if it's on cable, and even then only certain cable channels. For instance would you watch "a big-city cop returns to his Kentucky home town" on CBS? Blech. How about on FX? Well, that's Justified and it rocks! But that same concept on CBS would be garbage.

So in reading these show descriptions, pay attention to the channel they'll be on. (That's the main reason that I don't list any shows that don't have a network attached.) I think that gives a better indication of whether they are likely to be good vs their descriptions.

Cable is better than broadcast, and in broadcast land, I'd say ABC and FOX are doing a better job trying to actually innovate vs CBS and CW, which just stamp out predictable cookie cutter shows and as for NBC, they keep falling on their face so much that I've just about given up hope of them doing anything good or anything that won't get instantly cancelled. However, that also means NBC is desperate, and sometimes desperation can result in surprising things.
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