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Re: Once More, With Feeling: my big Buffy/Angel canon rewatch/reread/r

I've just seen that you updated this thread again DevilEyes. I think it keeps falling of the front page before I even see it.

Excellent analysis again, of all the episodes. Very addictive reading! Passion is an excellent episode - one of my favourites of all of Buffydom. Angelus spends the episode creepily stalking everyone, so that by the time he finally lashes out at poor Jenny, it's a terrifying. The shock of killing a Scooby was felt back when I first watched around ten years ago, and it still resonates today.

This all leads up to the two emotional punches at the end, which pretty much leave you a gibbering wreck. Amazing episode really.

Killed by Death was sort of alright. I enjoyed seeing Buffy attacking what looked like nothing, and I loved the 'heartwarming' drawing the kid did at the end showing Buffy killing the monster. It was so graphic, I could just imagine a kid drawing it. It's a shame this episode was after Passion, as it broke the rhythm of the arc a little bit, similar to how Go Fish did. Well, not as bad as that.

I didnt enjoy I Only Have Eyes For You as much as you. I remember finding it a bit cheesy when I was younger. Now I'm older I appreciate it more, and would say it's 4/5 myself. I don't quite find it as enthralling as Innocence or Passion, for example.
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