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Re: Hawaii 5-0: The Second Season Begins!

The fight thing in last night's episode was so goofy. McGarrett takes down a suspect who was supposed to participate in a fight--so he steps in because it's for charity. Gratuitous to say the least.

I love the part with Danny connecting with the dead guy's son, and wish they'd done more with that. You could really tell how much Danny was affected by seeing the kid come home and find his house surrounded by police cars.

The appearance of the girl from NCISLA was also pretty gratuitous and unnecessary. Usually there's a real purpose behind crossovers, but there didn't really seem to be one here.

The fight scenes in this one--Joe vs. Wo Fat, Steve vs. the fighter he thought was the killer--were pretty good. I totally had the killer picked out from the get-go, though, but that was in part because he was played by a recognizable guest star.

LOVED seeing Annie Wershling!! Someone needs to get her her own show because she's too damn good to be doing guest spots here and there.

I also love how Steve always drives Danny's car--his little, "Am I driving? Of course I'm driving!" cracked me up.

What did everyone else think?
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