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Re: IDW Star Trek Comics for January

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after all there onlly 69 episodes of the original series.
78. 79 if you count both halves of "The Menagerie". 80 if you count "The Cage".
Yeah, I never got why the various episode guides and such counted both parts as one episode. One story, sure; but it's definitely two episodes. It even aired on two separate weeks.

Which raises another question-- could "The Cage" have even happened to Captain Pike in this timeline? I'm not sure of the date that it took place, but it seems with Kirk now being in charge of the Enterprise during the time that Pike originally had been, it might end up happening to Kirk instead. And Spock now hasn't served with Pike for 11 years, so would he have the same loyalty to him to be willing to risk his life and career for him?

And most importantly-- how many issues of the new comic would it take them to tell the story?!?
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