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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

"I ain't afraid of no ghosts!" *cue Ghostbusters soundtrack*

That had me on the floor for quite a while.. hollering and clapping like an idiot.. missed quite a bit of the following scene

I love it when the show does that.. despite being a drama show at times it doesn't take itself too serious at other times. Castle has a nice balance to it which is why i love this show so much.

Another funny highlight was when the corpse fell on Castle.. his reaction was priceless and a true Nathan Fillion moment which have gotten rare over the last episodes. Please bring back more goofy Castle scenes!

Lanie and Esposito splitting up.. well, i believe i read somewhere that this was to be only temporary and a hiccup in their relationship. I do hope they reconcile because i think they're such a cute couple.

Another awesome thing was the switching of the teams.. Castle/Ryan are so perfectly matched and i'd like to see more of that. That was a pretty good idea.. in fact i'd love to see far more 2nd tier characters get more screentime (loved the Ryan centric episode a few weeks back).

As to the relationship.. i truly believe we'll see it this season. Marlowe (the producer) is heavily hinting at it (or it's just imagination and desire of all the shippers ) and it may happen during sweeps next month as he already said that some huge thing is going to happen. Now this can only mean two things.. the murder case/conspiracy plot is moving forward or the relationship is (or even both). Either way it's going to interesting. I do think that a relationship could be written interesting.. it doesn't have to take out the banter, disagreements and arguments because their characters won't change. Beckett will still be this woman rooted in reality (i so knew she was leading him on with her ghost story this episode and Castle still fell for it even knowing her for years for which she rightfully mocked him ) and Castle is still this goofy guy who has fun annoying others. I'd so wish to see them take the first relationship steps.. first true kiss (the one we got was already awesome and a big sign that there was something between them), when they tell their friends and families, "the first time" etc.. There is so much potential and i have faith in the writers to do this properly.

Side note.. at the end, was that another Firefly reference? Do the impossible Rick! (or it could be just my imagination because Castle can't utter a normal word without Firefly fans going into a frenzy! )
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