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Re: Watchmen 2?

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I looked at the first 5 pages of Holy Terror. It's still a Batman book. There's a very thinly veiled Batman pastiche and a even more thinly veiled female cat burglar he has a contentious romantic relationship with.
There are some panels where The Fixer is very clearly Batman. Miller had about half the book drawn before Paul Levitz convinced him that Miller could go further with his story without Batman, and the artwork for that part of the book was tweaked, some pages more than others. The Fixer uses batarangs, there are times you can see the bat-ears on his cowl, that sort of thing.

Going back to Watchmen, if DC wants to exploit the characters, more power to them. It was only a matter of time, and the benefits now outweigh the risks. Like I said on the first page, I'd even welcome integrating the characters into the DCnU. Final Crisis almost pulled them into the 52 Earths (Superman Beyond showed us a Dr. Manhattan-like Captain Atom), and it's rumored that there was almost a Countdown one-shot that would have taken Jason Todd and his team to a post-Watchmen Earth in their search for Ray Palmer.
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