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Re: IDW Star Trek Comics for January

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well hopefully they'll get to original stories after they do the episode reimagine ones.
after all there onlly 69 episodes of the original series. and we can get a full five year mission this time around.
79, actually. (80 if you count "The Cage.") At two issues per story, that would be 158 issues. Of course, they could do the animated episodes too, which would bring in Arex & M'Ress like MatthiasRussel suggested, and since those were only a half hour they might be able to be done in one issue each. So that'd bring us up to 180 issues. At 12 issues a year, that means we'd finally see some original stories in 2026. Hopefully J.J. Abrams will have loosened up the reigns some by then.
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