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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Another great episode. I can't believe the little girl is still missing. I thought they'd find her at the farm, but surely she would have turned up by now if she was there.

I loved the prelude flashback and how it related to the current story. And that was a pretty wrenching scene when they were operating on the kid. The writing in this show is almost uniformly strong and engaging; I was so relieved that Rick wasn't throwing any blame around for the accident. Almost everybody is actually behaving like an adult. The only exception is Andrea. I thought for sure her reaction to the zombie attack would make her realize that she does want to live, but she's still acting like a teenager.

And the redneck guy is a riot. He must be finding his inner hero. His comment in the woods about finding the girl and then later coming up with the antibiotics made me laugh out loud.

The plan at the school was definitely weak, though. I would have set off a car alarm down the road or something to make them all go far away. And what the hell was so interesting about the school to keep them there, anyway? Why didn't they go off on a migration like the herd on the highway?
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