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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Ok I guess we are doing one S2 thread rather than individul theads?
We didn't do individual episode threads last season, so I didn't see a point in individual threads this season.

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Yeah. Hubby and I both thought that was some piss-poor planning on Shane's part. Why not have the big guy go in while Shane distracts the crowd? They'd already established the big guy can't run very well, so preparing a secure way out should've been planned better.
Shane being a distraction while Otis went for the supplies was exactly what I expected, particularly when Shane was opening the door to the police car. Not very smart planning on Shane's part here.

Not a stand-out episode admittedly, more of a transitional and introductory one, but I still enjoyed it. T-Dog's paranoia was misplaced (if he hadn't been injured, I imagine Rick and Shane would've wanted him along and would've had someone else stay behind), but he does have an infection and a fever so I suppose I can't blame him too much for not thinking straight. Dale is definitely the go-to character for interesting conversations, though.

Very glad to be at the farm now, because I really liked these characters in the comics. Scott Wilson is already doing a great job as Hershel, and I also already like Pruitt Taylor Vince as Otis. Vince is a much less mobile individual than Otis was in the comics, as we could clearly see in this episode, so that could present additional difficulties for the survivors down the road.

Last episode, Shane had been talking about his intention to split off from the group and go his own way, with Andrea expressing a desire to join him. I actually would've expected that sentiment to come from Daryl before any of the others, but he seems to be fitting right into the group dynamic pretty well (was amused by his "why didn't you say something sooner?" remark to Dale when he grabbed his brother's drug stash for the antibiotics). I'm wondering if Carl getting shot will change Shane's mind, though these two episodes have also clearly been setting out an unintentional splitting of the group, as Dale commented upon.

I'm also wondering if Sophia managed to find her way to the farm.

Also some fantastic performances from Jon Bernthal and Andrew Lincoln in this episode, particularly during their conversation before Shane and Otis left for the school. That conversation was a long emotional distance from the minute of weakness Shane had back in season one, where he was considering shooting Rick, and provided yet another reason for me to be glad Shane was kept around in this version of the story past that point where he had died in the comics.

On the other hand, I'm a little worried that, with the Rick/Shane friendship still around, we won't get a version of the Tyreese character from the comics; one of the things I really liked about him was the friendship, always having each other's back dynamic that developed with Rick. I feel like T-Dog might be the show's version of Tyreese; if so, the writers need to step up his characterization, because so far he isn't nearly as interesting.

Speaking of characters from the comics, did any other readers have a momentary expectation that the person on the horse was going to be a different female character? Granted, it wouldn't have made sense within the context of this episode and Maggie having asked Rick where to find Lori, but I am hoping very much that the show brings that particular badass into the group at some point.

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