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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

FreezeC77 wrote: View Post
I dunno why, but this makes me laugh

That made me jump outta my skin!!!

And also laugh. I love this show!

But seriously, that scene really underscores why Andrea is dead right to insist on carrying a gun. Or at least a crossbow (tho I think a pistol would be just the thing in that circumstance). If it attracts zombies, who cares, the gang will be gone by then. The risk of attracting zombies is less than the risk of being completely unarmed in a situation like that. At the very very least, everyone should have a baseball bat, but if it were me, I'd insist on a weapon that doesn't require close quarters for use. A pistol is a nice automatic type weapon, you don't even need to think about it in a panic situation, just aim and fire.

That scene also made me wonder about Otis hunting the deer. The gunshot will attract zombies, which is okay, as long as he's far from the homestead. But how is he going to butcher the deer quickly enough to get away before zombies might arrive?

After a gunshot, I'd want to be out of there pronto. He can't carry the deer and butcher it in a safe location, it's far too heavy. Even the few minutes it would take to chop off some good parts would be a risk, because he's out there on his own, and why doesn't he have someone to watch his back? He can't concentrate on stalking an animal while worrying someone is stalking him.

FreezeC77 wrote: View Post
I don't understand why they wouldn't make a distraction much further away to draw the zombies there rather then just have the move maybe a couple hundred yards away(if that)
Yeah I was thinking, "so you guys saved some flares to cover your exit, right?" Wow, no.
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