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Re: How big were TWOK's "cargo bays" Khan spoke of?

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IIRC, Mike Okuda didn't have a thing to do with STII.
He might have possessed background information that you and I don't have. I'm sure he can correct me if I'm wrong. Quite frankly, if anyone has that Starlog pic I referenced, you'd be able to tell right away that they're cargo containers as seen in TMP.

*EDIT* Here's a pic I found from a trading card (sorry it's so small):

Compare this pic to the pic from my previous post. You can clearly see the clamps on the tops of the containers, and the port in front where a workbee would go.

And more to the point, why would they go back to the Bontany Bay and fit the seatbelts/cargo straps from that ship to an Enterprise cargo container?
So that Chekov could conveniently find something with the ship's name written on it?

The Botany Bay was designed with detachable cargo modules. I always assumed it was one of them.
Was it ever canonically stated that that wrap-around piece underneath that submarine hull were cargo containers?
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