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Dark Future
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Star Trek - Dark Future.

Q has seen the end... He has seen something that will annihilate or corrupt the alpha quadrant so drastically that he has made an attempt to start again by heading back through time, giving the races a chance to overcome the coming darkness... Aboard a neutral station known as serenity created by Q most of the alpha quadrant are able to meet and wage a war of words or form alliances or engage in simple banter, but in this Dark Future nothing is like it should be and at some point the Galaxy may have to unite... but against who and on what side the players will take is as yet unknown.

In this roleplay/strategy game you take control of one of 13 currently available empires. Engage in galactic conquest, colonization and empire building as you expand and meet the races from the Star trek universe. Become a force of starships to be feared or engage in peacekeeping and exploration, perhaps secretive intelligence gathering and sabotage is your empires driving motivation or become a powerful trading empire, whichever they are watch your borders as the other star trek empires are prowling the stars and are controlled by other star trek fans.

Combined with a forum for roleplaying aboard a Neutral space station known as Serenity, you can discuss galactic events, bribe or intimidate other delegates or engage in any form of roleplay as your races leader or delegate.

This game is loosely based on the computer game Birth of the federation and is a empire building game. However we are promoting roleplaying of your characters within the forum and we are willing to listen and expand the game based on player interaction and the game while fully operational slight modifications are still underway.

We hope you will visit this interesting spin on Star trek roleplaying and bring your own unique flavor to its setting.
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