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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Another very so so episode.

So far this isn't the same Walking Dead that knocked my socks off last season.

There was some progress made with the farm and all, but it's still got that wishy washy feeling to it that I didn't feel at all last season.

The worst part of the episode was T-Dog getting all feverish and paranoid. Give it a rest dude. And considering a swarm of zombies just came by the car pile up on the highway, they sure don't seem intent on keeping a lookout for more.

Too bad that zombie didn't get Andrea, she sure got all stabby for someone that's lost the will to live. And the look she gives Dale on her return, give me a break. No one's stopping you now, sweetheart.

Hopefully it gets better - it should with the farm coming in to play, methinks, and I have no idea how Shane and Otis are going to get out of that school, they probably should have had a better exit strategy.

Andrew Lincoln is pretty awesome though, I have to say.
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