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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

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I finished this book I really like how it ended .I hope we could get a sequel to this book.there's alot of unanawered questions in this book i' wish we'd seen explores further how as Trip rescued near the end of the book at the battle of Cheron and reunited with T'Pol I wish we'd seen more of the other Enterprise members at the end with teh signng of the federation charter and Archer's speech i was happy that Trip&T'Pol got their happy ending at longs last.
Yeah that's spot on with my feeling.

I almost felt like there were a few chapters missing at the end with T'Pol discovering Trip was alive, revealing how he survived and the entire crew gathering and reminiscing before the signing of the charter.

I half expected a few pages on how the process got started too and reactions to the idea of a Federation with a group of allies who abandoned Earth until the very end.
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