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Re: 'Paranormal Activity 3' Gets 2011 Release Date!

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^ I agree even though I wouldn't really like that. There is a Japanese version called Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Drift that came out a couple of years ago showing that you could just do these with new characters and stories. I haven't seen it or have any desire to but I suspect this will happen if this one makes money. I saw that it made 8 million at it's Thursday midnight showing. It's probably going to win the weekend.
Since I hadn't seen the second one and forgot that someone had told me a relative of the people in the first movie was involved, I actually thought that it was a completely new set of characters. I think it is an interesting choice making the franchise about the characters rather than the evil entity. Most horror franchises are based around the monster, giving them leeway to just bring in new characters. Or that character(s) who continues to escape their clutches.
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