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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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After two or three months exploring the Gamma Quadrant, the first alien from that part of the galaxy shows up. What, are they all hiding, or something?
Don't they later claim that the Gamma Quadrant entrance to the Wormhole is in a relatively uninhabited area of space? I knew it's later revealed that it is outside Dominion territory.

But Tosk isn't a normal alien, he's a Tosk, the prey in the most dangerous game of all; Catch the Tosk. Now here's a sci-fi concept that I don't remember seeing on TNG, an alien whose sole purpose for existing is to be chased and killed.
The TNG-lite rule gets avoided again.

I agree that Captive Pursuit is a pretty solid standalone episode. The Tosk-O'Brien dynamic really works and I love how O'Brien realizes that it actually is okay for him not to dogmatically follow the rules of the Federation all the time.

Silly O'Brien, you know you love him really.
He's just repressing it.
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