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Re: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm review thread

I definitely hope this book sells well enough for a sequel to brave the storm and future Enterprise novelc can be written.I'm almost finished reading this book and was so glad the Enterprise crew had more to do in this book. I'm happy the way Trip's story line has been dealt with and his relationship with T'Pol was further expanded in the book .I've really enjoyed reading this book. I wish we could've had a 3 book trilogy but I'm happy the way this book has wrapped up the Earth'Romulan wars this book took some suptrise twist and turns with how sneaky the Romulans were when it came to attacking earth. it was totally unexpected in how they carried out their plan. i like that T'Pau finaly decided to stop being so stubborn and ahd the Vulcans help defeat the Romulans with the added help of the Andorians and their coalition other allies.
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