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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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Can anyone confirm Blood & Chrome is pretty much frakked?
Pretty much, yes. Supposedly, the pilot was screened for Higher-Ups at SyFy, and they weren't impressed. Although no official desicion has been made, it's believed that the pilot will be burned off as a series of webisodes, and that will be that.

Here's the thread where this was discussed.
Well they're still working on it, so it's certain to be seen in some form.

Doug Drexler wrote:
With the near completion of “Blood And Chrome”, I’ll finally have time to get back to posting on the Drex Files. Hang in there, and I’ll be back with more stuff that I know you’re gonna like!

By the way, “Chrome” is hugely awesome, and I have to say that I have never been prouder of anything that I have ever been involved in. The show is all adrenaline, and I think that fans will be elated.


At any rate, as we race to button up the last bits of “Chrome”, I’ll be rounding up some interesting stuff for the Drex Files, including more Ships: Active Duty See you then!
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