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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x09 - "Blank Slate"




Morning. Ro is in her yellow uniform undershirt, jacket not yet on. She makes the bed, straightens the pillows. Picks up her earring off the bedside table and clips it on. She’s cheerful, happy, looking forward to the day.

She heads into...


She looks at herself in the mirror, shakes her hair out. Stretches her neck – it works fine. She grabs a hairbrush and brushes her hair a bit.

She opens the mirror cabinet on the wall, grabs toothbrush and toothpaste, brushes her teeth, spits it out. Putting the brush and paste back in the cabinet, she notices a hypospray sitting there on a shelf.

She’s surprised to find it. She grabs it, looks at it...

Ah. Don’t need you anymore.

With a smile, she tosses it to the side, where it lands in a rubbish bin. Satisfied, she turns to leave.


She walks down the corridor, now in full uniform. The corridor is middling busy with other people heading to work or just going about their business. She nods hello and smiles at the ones she recognizes.

She turns a corner, and in this section of corridor there’s an engineering crew hard at work. One figure is up on a ladder, working on the upper bulkhead with the sci-fi equivalent of an acetylene torch, wearing a spark mask. Two EXTRAS work on the lower areas of the wall with various other tools. Barriers have been set up to guide the public around the area and protect them.

Ro approaches this group, slightly bemused. This is a lot of activity for this time in the morning.

You guys are up early.

The blow-torcher stops work and removes his mask, revealing himself to be NOG. He greets Ro cheerily.

Oh, hi, Ro. Yeah, sorry. It was
an emergency – this section of
bulkhead decided to spontaneously
dissolve into rust overnight.
River knows why. Between you and
me, I think it was that Yalosian
family that stayed over last week.

Ah, the ones with the benzene
atmosphere. Yep, that’ll do it.

Whatever it was, we have to
remove this section and destroy
it, then run over to Empok Nor,
grab a spare, bring it back
and rebuild the whole thing.

(better you than me)
Well... have fun!

Amused and happy to leave Nog to it, she moves off. Nog replaces his mask and goes back to work.

Further along the corridor, Ro spots TARAN’ATAR stepping out of his own quarters. She makes a decision with herself, and heads over towards him.

(calls out)

The Jem’Hadar turns to her, stern and stony as ever. Ro walks up to him...

Lieutenant. How are you today?

Ro smirks a little – this friendly phrase feels absolutely foreign in Taran’atar’s mouth.

I’m actually good, thank you.
In fact, that’s what I wanted
to talk to you about.

She pauses, because this is a fairly big thing to say.

I guess it’s no secret that
things have been uncomfortable
between us, considering...
(what to say?)
...what happened. But things
are getting better. My back is
healing great. Nog took the
anti-grav supports off my legs
a couple of days ago. I don’t
have to keep a supply of pain
killers around all the time.

I am glad.

And I’ve had time. To process
everything. I mean, I always
knew it wasn’t your fault.
You didn’t mean me any harm.

From immediately behind Ro, L’HAAN steps into view.

She’s lying.

Taran’atar’s eyes flare and his body tenses at the sight of L’Haan. Ro doesn’t notice for now – she’s concentrating on what she wants to say.

Of course, knowing something
intellectually and trying to
convince your automatic stress
response of it are two different things.

Observe her. She stands outside
of your reach, placing a protective
distance between you.

L’Haan circles the two of them. Taran’atar’s gaze darts back and forth between L’Haan and Ro, trying unsuccessfully to conceal his reaction.

It took me a while, but I got
there eventually. You were as
much of a victim as I was.

Her eyes are aware of your
every movement. Her legs
are tense, ready to run at
any moment.

Taran’atar’s eyes shift, looking at Ro’s legs – they are tense, just like L’Haan said. He checks her hands – the fingers are fidgeting, uncomfortable.

Her fingers jitter, as if
preparing to fight.

I think I can genuinely say...
that I’m over it.
Taran’atar? Are you okay?

Taran’atar jerks; he realises Ro has asked him a question.

I am... fine, Lieutenant.

I guess what I’m trying to say
is... we’re okay. You and me.

Taran’atar looks confused, not understanding the phrase...

I forgive you.

I appreciate that, Lieutenant.

Okay. Good.

Ro relaxes a little, relieved. But Taran’atar’s eyes are still scanning nervously. L’Haan has disappeared for now.

Taran’atar, are you sure you’re alright?

I am. Thank you for your concern.

I’ll... see you later. Bye.

She turns and walks back down the corridor. Taran’atar watches her go... and then L’Haan is there.

If she truly forgave you, she
would not be so tense in your
company. Rather, I think she
lies to comfort you.

Taran’atar replies in a low hiss, keeping his voice down.

I told you not to speak to me
in public.

If you cannot control your own
mind, I can hardly be blamed.

Taran’atar growls under his breath...

Elsewhere in the corridor, Ro walks along. She’s reassured, pleased with herself for making up with Taran’atar. She approaches Nog’s engineering work site again...

Pedestrian traffic has been redirected to safety. Having cut it free from the bulkhead, Nog and his two assistants are now manoeuvring the large, discoloured slab of heavy metal wall away from its moorings.

Steady... steady...

You need a hand there?

Oh, um, actually, yeah, if you
don’t mind, Lieutenant. If you
could grab that corner next to
Teermok there...

Ro moves quickly to grab the offending corner. It’s big enough that even with four of them, they’re struggling.

It’s slipping... watch out! Watch out!

The wall suddenly crumbles, shattering into two large pieces and a rain of fragments. The largest piece is heading straight for Ro...


...tries to get out of the way, but she’s not fast enough. The falling piece of wall plummets towards her and catches her full-force. It knocks her flat to the ground, with a hard BONK of skull against deck plates. Nog panics...

Lieutenant! Lieutenant!

CLOSE on Ro, her head trapped between deck and fallen wall, knocked unconscious...


Normal morning, as everyone goes to work and tourists peruse. QUARK is just opening the bar for the morning.
KIRA comes running down the Promenade, heading directly to the Infirmary. The doors open and she runs in...

4 INT. DS9 – INFIRMARY (CONTINUOUS) find BASHIR hovering nervously near the doorway, obviously having been waiting for Kira. Nog is also there, looking very worried.

In the background, we hear the CRASHing sound of a large piece of equipment being overturned and sent flying.

What is it? What’s going on?

Now we hear Ro’s voice from the other room – a desperate shriek of terror and anger.

RO (o.s.)
Get away from me! Don’t touch me!

See for yourself.

He leads Kira towards the surgical suite...


A bio-bed has been overturned, creating a makeshift barrier across the room. Medical consoles and trays of instruments have also been thrown. Nurse RICHTER is in the room, her hands up in a calming gesture...

Pinned into the far corner, behind all the thrown machines,
is Ro. Stripped down to undershirt again, eyes wild, her head bandaged where it was hit. She’s terrified out of her wits, sweating and panting, and holding a plasma scalpel out in front of her in defence.

Any closer and I’ll kill you.

Kira steps into the room, and can instantly see that something is very wrong here...

Laren? What’s going on?

Ro holds the scalpel out towards Kira and eyes her warily.

Who are you?

Kira looks at Bashir, confused. He shrugs, “Yeah, I know.”

What do you mean, who am I?

I mean, I don’t know who any
of you people are. But I know
a Cardassian torture chamber
when I see it. So if one of you
people doesn’t start talking
about a way out of here right
now, I’m gonna start cutting.

Kira takes a small step forward. Ro immediately flinches, her eyes sharp and desperate.

Laren, you’re not a prisoner.
You hit your head, and we’re
just trying to help you.

Ro looks at her a bit closer...

You’re Bajoran.

Yes. So are you.

I know that! I’m not an idiot!

I know you’re not. I’m sorry.

What uniform is that?

It’s Starfleet. You’re wearing one too.

Ro looks down at herself, and sees that she is. It only confuses her more. She’s really scared now.

Who are you?

I’m Kira Nerys. You know me.
You know all of us. That’s
Julian, and that Kristen,
and that’s Nog.

Okay... if that’s who you are...
...then who am I?

Kira looks to Bashir again. It’s worse than they thought.

Finishing on Ro, afraid and confused...



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