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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Video interview with A&F writer Christos Gage and artist Rebekah Isaacs

First IDW and now Dark Horse are doing it. It makes me laugh when they bring in these writers and artists and they all make out they're huge fans. Then when you read and watch interviews like this you realise that's a bit of an exaggeration.

Christos Gage is asked to name some favourite moments from Angel. Not his favourite episode, mind you. Or even his favourite season. No, all he has to do is think of a moment or a scene in an episode that stood out in his mind... and he literally can't think of any. In fact both of them have to mention things from Buffy to shut the interviewers up.
Yeah, huge fans of Angel.

I mentioned IDW, as after Brian Lynch they brought in Kelly Armstrong and then Bill Willingham, both of who claimed they were fans of the show. Yet from anyone who's read their arcs, it seemed clear neither had seen more than three minutes of Angel ever.
You're being too harsh on Gage over an interview, I bet that a lot of people would be having a blank moment if you asked them an interview What is your favorite moment from [one of their favorite shows]" if they hadn't thought of it before. Fans online get to think about it and make lists, but if someone just came up to me and asked me what my favorite moment from BtVS or AtS or DS9 or BSG is, I would quite likely be like: "Just one moment? Let me think about it".

Gage says he hadn't seen AtS or BtVS when he was first asked to do the job, but that he watched all the seasons in a quick succession since, and apparently he knows the comics including the IDW stuff as well (even if the canon status of IDW comics is unclear). So far he's done a pretty good job referencing things from AtS, plus this answer he gave to me on Twitter seems to show he knows his stuff:

Christosgage Christos Gage
A: Angel fought Nazis in WWII, saved someone in the 20s, John Byrne drew him in World War I...he did good stuff before Buffy.
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In that reply he referenced Orpheus, Why We Fight and an IDW comic I didn't even know about since I haven't read most of their stuff. He seems to know AtS pretty well, whether he can name his favorite moments or not. (Though I found it disturbing to learn that he's us trying to emulate The Girl In Question in #5. )
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