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Bob Greenberger
The Unofficial History of Star Trek

A few weeks back, I asked the membership about pictures and memorabilia for a project. Unfortunately, that came up empty which is a shame but now I can offer details.

The full story is over at my blog, but the short story is that in October 2012, Voyageur Books will be releasing The Unofficial History of Star Trek, a profusely illustrated book written by me. In addition, there will be numerous sidebars from various people adding additional voices to the history including some familiar names: Dayton Ward, Howard Weinstein, and Steve Roby.

The history of the shows and movies have been exhaustively detailed in the past so what I will attempting to do is synthesize the various retellings from differing points of view and produce a single volume history celebrating the entire franchise. Additionally, I intend to trace the birth of the fandom that has supported the show through times both lean and lush.

There's a Facebook page for this already and I suggest you like it to stay up to date on what we have planned.
Bob Greenberger
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