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Re: Dr. Crusher or Pulaski

I really liked Pulaski, and thought she was just one of many improvements in Next Gen in season two. She has far more life and spirit in her than Crusher, who just came across as neutral in personality. Pulaski was intellectually curious and adventurous. I like the moment where she does the tea ceremony with Worf and injects herself with antidote so as to "enjoy" the poison in the tea with him.Pulaski was not similar to McCoy except for her problem with transporters. I think people must be connecting her intolerance toward a synthetic being, Data, with McCoy's irritation with Spock. Data and Spock aren't equivalent. It makes sense that someone whose life work is biology might not find it easy to accept a non-biological being as a real person.I'm nuts for Diana Muldaur in just about anything she's done, in the 60s and 70s anyway. Besides having a great "presence", she's also insanely attractive in those earlier roles. In the 80s she did this unfortunate thing with her hair, that put an end to that... I was very disappointed when Crusher came back.
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